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    The CCS system (CashCollectingSystem) is an integrated system to meet all the needs of a money train to collect values. For the collection or delivery, a VTC system is used, through which the risk of the pavement is covered, all values ​​collected are automatically placed in a special storage box (VTB). The system’s innovation is that the values are ​​protected throughout the CIT, from the time of receiving to the moment of their final delivery, without the possibility of the CIT employees to access them, while guaranteeing the synergy in case of robbery. The system (VTC & VTB) is equipped with the latest technology of the indelible ink note tinting and the colouring is achieved even if the values ​​are placed in security envelopes. In case of an armed robbery and burglary of the storage box, all values ​​are coloured with special indelible ink.