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    It is about the new generation of labels with tamper signs without a trace or adhesive residual on the application area. They are self-adhesive security labels that do not leave a sticky residue. The semi-translucent plastic surface contains code numbers, making each label unique in the world. Customized for use in a variety of applications, the ‘lowresidue’ is altered (not torn) automatically if broken or opened, clearly indicating the violation with an irreversible warning. Due to its innovative design, it locks during its placing and it is removed without leaving any traces, ensuring that no damage is caused to the surface of the product or packaging where it was placed.

    Construction material:
    High density polyethylene (HDPE)
    Operating temperatures:
    < -30 ° C to 70 ° C
    Storage temperatures:
    + 30°C to 5° C
    Application temperatures:
    -10 ° C to + 45 °C

    The security labels carry the ISO 17712 certification.


    Transporting of sensitive documents
    Protection of medical spaces
    Fitness center cabinets
    Police files
    Storage of goods

    Possibility of making a personalized security label:

    With your company logo
    In the dimensions and colours you desire
    Possibility of a clipping, which will have the same serial number as the security label for better control from the responsible department.
    Possibility to print the text you desire in black (Overprint).
    It is about the seals of standard sizes: small, medium, large.

    Label Dimensions:

    73 mm X 20 mm
    98 mm X 30 mm
    148 mm X 45 mm
    250 pieces / reel