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    The electronic seal offers the maximum safety in safety seals worldwide.

    Used by:
    Trains, transport companies, CIT companies, pharmaceutical companies, Super Market chains.
    Perfect safety seal for:
    Trucks, trains, fuel tanks, containers etc.
    Wire length (to lock):
    50 cm
    Digital backlit LED display
    Generates random numbers (4-digit numbers) each time it is used by users.
    Easy to use, with the touch of a button.
    It has an internal memory for control by the appropriate department of each company (how many times the seal was opened and closed with a date and time reference).
    Easy transport of the seal from truck to truck, for safety and saving.
    It has an internal battery with a lifespan of about three years (depending on the use)
    Greater saving compared to the metal and plastic seals.
    Per piece
    Supplied with a mounting bracket and protective casing for it placing.
    Seal dimensions:
    188,4 mm x 158,4mm x 49,7mm