Pull-up seal GSXFTACS15

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    Construction material:
    Steel wire and aluminum body mounted on a plastic base (ABS)
    Used by:
    Airlines, shipping companies, cargo ships, trains, customs, transport companies, money transfer companies, tobacco companies, etc.
    Used for sealing:
    Trucks, money transfers, container, safety boxes, etc
    Green, blue, purple, orange, red
    ISO / PAS 17712: 2013 (Only for wire thickness greater than 3.5 mm)
    Print capabilities:
    Company logo, text, numbering up to 8 digits, barcode
    Print method:
    Tensile Strength:
    up to 250 Kg
    Stamp dimensions (aluminum body):
    Wire length:
    200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm (Possibility of wire construction, at any length required by the user)
    Wire Diameter:
    1.5 mm
    Per item